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Exploring Rome: The Trevi Fountain
Photo by czermak_photography as found on unsplash.com

The beautiful city of Rome is full of history and places of interest. Whether you have all the time in the world or if you are restricted to what sites you can take in, the Trevi Fountain is something that is a must-see. Here, you can find out more about the Trevi Fountain and some tips for visit...

Wellington: New Zealand's Ultimate Destination for Fun
Photo by glebelt_ as found on unsplash.com

Wellington serves as the capital city of New Zealand and is mainly known for its unique culture, natural beauty and exciting attractions. Once the site of a small European settlement in the 19th century, Wellington has grown to become one of the most influential cities in the world. The town is s...

9 Remarkable Paintings at the Van Gogh Museum
Photo by lucalago as found on unsplash.com

The throng of visitors at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam can make any attempt to see all of the many paintings overwhelming. It may be better to view a selection. The following nine paintings are among the most memorable. Landscape at Twilight  Van Gogh created a number of pictures while livi...

What is Mewing and how do you do it?
Photo by polarmermaid as found on unsplash.com

Maybe you’ve heard of  “Mewing”. It’s a rather hot topic nowadays all over the internet. It consists of a series of oral exercises designed to improve facial structure, especially the jawline, as well as solve some other orthodontic issues, thereby, improving appearance. Let’s take a closer look,...

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