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How To Become A Freelance Writer (With No Experience)

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One of the most common ways people become location independent is through copywriting. 

To learn writing skills, I’d recommend starting with some free courses on Udemy or content marketing courses on

After you know how to write compelling content, the next step is to find clients. 

It’s common to get started on bidding sites like Airtasker, or UpWork. They can be great to gain experience and some portfolio pieces, but should only be viewed as a short-term strategy due to the low paying rates.

Instead, you should try to find your own clients. Besides paying more, if something was to happen with your account on a freelancing site, it cuts off your only source of income. 

But how do you find clients, without a network and experience? 

Well, first pick a niche which you are passionate about and will pay you well. 

Next, create a freelance writing website which positions you as an expert in your niche, and write 2-3 blog posts to use as portfolio pieces. Publish the blog posts on either Medium or Linkedin.

Next, comes finding clients. 

You can try job boards like ProBlogger which have high-quality writing jobs. 

But perhaps the most effective way is by cold emailing potential clients in your industry and pitching your services. 

Try to find the Marketing Manager or CEO of the company. Start to build a relationship on LinkedIn or Twitter - comment, like and share their posts. They are more likely to open and respond to your email if they already have a relationship with you.

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Skyler is a location independent B2B/Marketing Writer at He has been working online since June 2017 and has travelled to 9 countries. Right now he is in Medellín, Colombia.


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