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Chicory & the rise of functional beverages
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Everything old is new again, as the saying goes. Well, a rather old coffee substitute is gaining renewed popularity in today’s market, and you might do well to consider the benefits of switching. Chicory is a flowering plant, a member of the dandelion family. Its leaves can be eaten, either raw a...

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Is Bodyweight Training Better Than Traditional Weight Lifting
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A lot of gym coaches and trainers would have you believe that lifting weights is the only way to get bigger and stronger. Other fitness experts argue that bodyweight training is a better way to train. So if you’re looking to start a new fitness routine, which one of these methods should you adopt...

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Workouts to Stay Fit at home or on the Road
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Does your job require you to travel a lot? Or are you stuck at home? If so, you may be guilty of using the excuse that being away from home and your daily routine means that you can’t get in your daily workout. Just because you may be out of your comfort zone, however, doesn’t mean that your bod...

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The Rise of Low Cost, High-Quality Skin Care Products
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High-quality skin care products used to cost an arm and a leg, and they were reserved for the richest of the rich. However, things have been changing in recent years, which brands like The Ordinary, Arbonne, Drunk Elephant, and True Botanicals stepping in and changing the skincare game. Even thou...

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What is Mewing and how do you do it?
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Maybe you’ve heard of  “Mewing”. It’s a rather hot topic nowadays all over the internet. It consists of a series of oral exercises designed to improve facial structure, especially the jawline, as well as solve some other orthodontic issues, thereby, improving appearance. Let’s take a closer look,...

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