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The Many Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice
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The ancient practice of Yoga was originally designed as, primarily, a spiritual endeavour. It was practised by those who wanted to unite the mind, body and spirit, thus becoming more enlightened. Today, however, many people choose to practice yoga simply for its health benefits alone, although th...

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How To Become A Freelance Writer (With No Experience)
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One of the most common ways people become location independent is through copywriting.  To learn writing skills, I’d recommend starting with some free courses on Udemy or content marketing courses on After you know how to write compelling content, the next step is to find clients.  ...

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8 things I’ve learnt during Lockdown
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“Do you want a pint?” asks my boyfriend as we relax in a London pub on a chilly January evening. “What’s going on there?” I ask, staring at the tiny tv hidden away in the corner. “Oh, it’s the big virus that’s broken out in China. COVID or something. It’s been going on for a while now - do you ...

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