Exploring Rome: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
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Exploring Rome can be tricky when on a tight timeline. With so many attractions to visit, it can be a challenge deciding where to go and what to see, but one of the must-see places in Rome is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Along with some handy tourist tips, here you can find out what to expect...

Exploring Rome: The Trevi Fountain
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The beautiful city of Rome is full of history and places of interest. Whether you have all the time in the world or if you are restricted to what sites you can take in, the Trevi Fountain is something that is a must-see. Here, you can find out more about the Trevi Fountain and some tips for visit...

Exploring Rome: Visiting the Roman Forum
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When visiting Rome, many find planning their activities a struggle. With so much to do, it can be challenging to decide what you can fit in and what the must-see attractions are of this beautiful city.  No visit to Rome is complete without visiting the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, and here you ...

Exploring Rome: Visiting the Colosseum
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Exploring the beautiful city of Rome is on many people's bucket list, but deciding where to visit when planning a Roman holiday can be challenging for most. The Colosseum is an iconic attraction that many tourists flock to, and no visitor to Rome should leave without visiting this history-steeped...

Rome is the capital city of Italy
Hotels in Rome

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