Chris Rousseau

Chris is a recent college graduate. He decided to start traveling after graduation. During his time abroad he started writing to make some extra money and found a passion for it. Check out his travel journal at www.thehitchhikersguidetosolotravel.com


Ho Chi Min City

My first sight of Vietnam was of the forest-lined river delta of the Sông Soài Rạp. This is the river leading to the Ho Chi Min City Port. The delta leading up to the port is teeming with life. From the lush forests surrounding the rivers to the many small fishing boats going up and down the delta, it was …

5 days in Japan

During my travels, I spent a little bit of time in Japan. At the time, this was my first real travel outside the U.S., and looking back on it, it showed. For anyone who has travelled or been travelling for a long time, you learn to avoid doing things that would be fine to do where you are from, like …