Workouts to Stay Fit at home or on the Road

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Does your job require you to travel a lot? Or are you stuck at home?

If so, you may be guilty of using the excuse that being away from home and your daily routine means that you can’t get in your daily workout. Just because you may be out of your comfort zone, however, doesn’t mean that your body still doesn’t need to get some exercise. But what exactly can you do without taking too much time out of your busy day? While many hotels now have state-of-the-art fitness centres for their guests to use, you may be staying at one that doesn’t offer these kinds of frills. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to take a trip down to the gym for a full workout but still want to do what you can when you have a spare moment in your room. Luckily for you, there are lots of easy exercises you can do right in your hotel room that don’t require any equipment. Take the time out to do a quick hotel workout, and you will find that it’s easy to stay in good shape on the road.

Push-ups and Sit-ups

There is really no excuse to avoid doing two of the simplest core exercises no matter where you are. Just put a towel down on the floor to avoid feeling like you’re exercising in the germs of all the previous travellers, and get started doing good push-ups. After you’ve done at least 15-20, roll over and do as many crunches or sit-ups (whichever you prefer) as you can muster.

Squats and Lunges

Keep your legs and posterior strong by doing lunges (at least 10 with each leg) and 10-15 squats. If you want to make these exercises a little harder, try to find something in the room that you can use as a makeshift dumbbell. Possible options might include your suitcase (make sure it doesn’t weigh any more than about 10 pounds), or the iron that your hotel likely provides.

Tricep Dips and Bicep Curls

Work out your upper body using some of the fixtures that are standard in every hotel. First, head into the bathroom and lean against the tub to do a few reps of tricep dips. Next, grab your iron again and do one-armed bicep curls. Another option is to fill up your rolling suitcase to about 20 pounds (or whatever you feel comfortable with) and use it to do two-armed curls from a standing position.

Wall-sits and Planks

Hotels may be lacking in many amenities, but they almost always have sturdy walls and floors. Strengthen your core by doing some wall-sits against one of the walls of your room. Next, break out the towel again and do some planks on the floor.


Your best option to get a good cardio workout will likely be to head outside the hotel and walk/jog around your immediate vicinity. More than just being a way to get good exercise, it can help your sanity to step outside if you’ve been trapped in the same place all day. If you don’t have the luxury of being able to head out, however, you can still get some cardio in by doing jumping jacks or jogging in place.
It doesn’t take that much effort to accomplish a decent workout even in the most unusual places. Make the most of your surroundings and do your body a favour by forcing yourself to remain active even if you can’t accomplish your usual home routine.