Launceston, Tasmania – We Don’t Speak Bogan

For a long time, Tasmania, most specifically Launceston has had a bit of an image crisis.

Considered as nothing, in the middle of nowhere, usually by those who’ve never visited, or a place where the bogan doth breed, Launceston is a far shout from those simplistic and incorrect descriptions.If you’ve never visited Launceston, then there are myriad reasons for making the effort. Forget thrill rides, crowds who don’t know their left from their right and meter maids, Launceston has a more dignified and natural aura where culture and nature collide.

Here are a few suggestions of what to see, do and experience whilst you’re in town.

  • First stop, you’re going to need somewhere fabulous to stay. Forget the hotel chains and consider some quirky, personality-laden Air Bnbs.
  • Try Gatsby Terrace a hugely affordable, close to all amenities, Art Deco beauty, or for something a little more bush-like, but still close to
    everything you could ever need, there’s Birdsnest a picture of the delightful country, in the heart of the Tamar Valley. They won’t break the wallet, and the homemade biscuits are to fight for.
  • Once settled, the inimitable Cataract Gorge is a must-visit. Close to the centre of town, with so many options to eat, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time as you traverse the swinging bridge or the depths of icy cold water.
  • Launceston loves community markets, including the Saturday morning farmers market. Eat local wine, vegetables, crafts and delicacies, created locally, each weekend.
  • If you’re a locavore, you might take time to visit the multiple wineries up and down the West and East Tamar. Some of the most unique and delicious wines are created in this part of northern Tasmania, and tours and tastings are commonplace.
  • If monkeys are more your métier, a trip to City Park, located centrally will have you observing the resident Japanese macaques. Their red bottoms in the air and naughty behaviours are evident, they have been a drawcard for many years. You might also decide to play BIG chess, visit the Senses Garden or dribble your fingers in the duck pond.
  • For the arty-types, The Design Centre (next to City Park) and the QVMag Art Gallery are all located within easy walking proximity. If you like the old masters or modern zen wood design, take a look at both, you’ll find an interesting juxtaposition of the old and new.
  • Can’t be bothered walking? The free Tiger bus will have you moving from place to place within minutes, hop off in one place, jump on in
Tasmania is a beautiful place to be. For a serenity that can’t be found in any other Australian city, take time to come and visit this vibrant place. With a plethora of multicultural eating venues and great coffee everywhere, you’ll be surprised- never disappointed.
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