7 Best Adventure Instagrammers from Melbourne

Melbourne Instagrammers

Nothing inspires a bit of wanderlust like adventure Instagrams. It’s up to photobloggers to capture the best angles of the most intriguing corners of the globe and inspire others to go see it themselves.

Melbourne is known to be the world’s most livable city, but even its residents sometimes get the urge to explore elsewhere. Some choice Melburnians document their travels and inspire the rest of us to hit the road.

1. @fitbackpacker

Traveling often inspires feel-good vibes, and Joanna Romano’s page is a rush of happiness. She highlights all the most beautiful, colorful, and joyful moments of her globe-trotting in expert fashion. She’s been away from Melbourne traveling for 12 years now, so there’s no shortage of inspiration on her Instagram page!

2. @itchiknii

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Don't walk into the light Matthew, it's not your time.

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When he’s not at home in Bendigo, Nick Styles is a true adventurer of the people. By putting people over places, his page puts a face to the name of the many cities he visits around the globe, while still casting his own unique spotlight on his hometown.

3. @andrew.northover

Proudly representing Gippsland as home, Andrew Northover takes to the road to find some of the most haunting landscape photos. He has a predilection for the soft light of dusk and dawn giving his Instagram a calming earthy tone. You’ll find plenty of sunsets and stargazing threaded into his account.

4. @adingattamimi

Ading Attamimi’s Instagram is all about experiences. He makes himself the subject of many of his photos while still making the world look impossibly exciting for anyone. From sunsets and skylines to swans and spas, following Ading offers some travel tips and the occasional giveaway while still making time to show Melbourne some love.

5. @rossco.melb

Ross Latham spends much of his time home in Melbourne and knows how to keep things exciting. Skilled at portraiture and scenery, he often blends the two elements to capture Melbourne as a sublime otherworldly wonder.

6. @melbournegirl

Melbourne is a city of coffee lovers and cultural enthusiasts, and Emily Collie lives up to her Instagram handle by finding the best of it all. The @melbournegirl account acts as a guide to museums, brunch spots, street art, and so much more.

7. @connorjvaughan

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Footy finals inbound, how good!

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Connor Vaughan takes his Instagram to dizzying heights as he trots around the globe. He prefers enjoying the views from above, and much of his Instagram showcases aerial shots of cities, landscapes, and natural wonders from the eyes of the sky. 

Each of these travel influencers lends their inspiring visions to their followers who love exploring and admiring the world as much as they do. Follow them on Instagram to join their journey, or get whisked away on your own with @geturbley, where your own personal adventure is always waiting to be discovered.

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