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Taking a trip could be a rewarding experience, but between eating out, shopping, and other activities, it’s also one that can result in a substantial amount of unnecessary waste. There are simple changes that could help prevent that from happening. The following items are some to consider bringing when you’re planning your next trip if you’re interested in more eco-friendly travel.

Tote bag

The Beach People AU Macrame Tote Bag
The Beach People AU Macrame Tote Bag

Those planning on doing some shopping, or simply looking for a light weight carry all, might find it beneficial to carry one or more tote bags. In addition to being a more eco-friendly option, tote bags are have a few more benefits.

They are washable, reusable, and typically much sturdier than plastic bags. When traveling tote bags can also offer a level of security to your day to day packing

The Beach People AU Macrame Tote Bag
The Beach People AU Macrame Tote Bag
TheBeachPeople Original Jute Bag
TheBeachPeople Original Jute Bag

The best thing about a good tote bag is that your echo friendly choice can also be a style choice.

Tote Bags we love

For over 10 years EnviroTrend have been supplying high quality eco-friendly tote bags. Happy customers have even reported that they still have the original bags made 10 years ago.

Reusable wet bags are ideal for travelling. They have many uses to replace plastic bags in your luggage. Little Aussie Monster have a wide variety of colours.

Ensign Peak’s Zipper Travel Tote

Ensign Peak’s Zipper Travel Tote is spacious and versatile. It is large enough to hold a laptop computer, books, lunch bag, umbrella, jacket and other items.

Roomy compartment with zippered RFID blocking pocket, padded pocket to hold an iPad or tablet, and tethered key clip with LED light

This tote bag has a silt in the back side to slide in your carry on away travel luggage for a stress free airplane boarding. Lightweight and Compact can easily be stored under seat or in the overhead bin.

Reusable water bottle and coffee cup

Carrying a reusable water bottle gives you quick and easy access to beverages without repeatedly having to use plastic bottles and cups. Bringing a reusable coffee cup is also a better option for getting your caffeine in an eco-friendly manner.

Frank Green & Keep Cup are the established leaders in this space, but their are literally hundred of glass, plastic and ceramic options on the market

Food container 

Bringing your own reusable food container is a great option for initially packing up certain foods that you might buy along the way, such as pastries, but it can also be a way to take leftovers home without doing so in a container you’re going to end up tossing. You could carry the same container throughout your entire trip and reuse it from one meal or snack to the next as long as it’s properly cleaned out in between. Put it in a tote bag, and it won’t be cumbersome to carry around.

Cloth napkins

Using cloth napkins during your travels results in less paper napkin trash. They tend to be durable, so there’s less risk of getting messy, especially when you’re eating on-the-move, and you’re not near a sink where you can wash up after. If you make the cloth napkins at home, it also gives you the opportunity to customize them.


Having a handkerchief readily available could be ideal for those unexpected moments where you desperately need a tissue, and there are none in sight. Handkerchiefs are an eco-friendly option that won’t fall apart like what might happen when using a tissue.


Instead of using plastic utensils that are available at many restaurants, opt for bringing your own reusable travel utensils. You’ll find many on the market that are lightweight, come in a convenient carrying case, and will fit right in your bag.

Joseph Joseph have always been ahead of the game but there are plenty of bamboo stainless steel and plastic options on the market.

Reusable straws

If you’d rather use a reusable straw during your travels instead of plastic ones, several options, such as those made of bamboo or metal, are available. Often, they’ll come with a cleaning device in a carrying case for added convenience.

Many reusable, eco-friendly items that you bring can conveniently be within reach in your bag when you need them during your trip. With so many stylish options available to purchase, they’re also a better way to customize your dining experience wherever your travels take you.

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