Exploring Rome: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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Exploring Rome can be tricky when on a tight timeline. With so many attractions to visit, it can be a challenge deciding where to go and what to see, but one of the must-see places in Rome is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Along with some handy tourist tips, here you can find out what to expect when visiting this attraction.

Location, Location, Location

Located in the middle of what appears to be a rabbit warren of roads, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier can look a little daunting to reach. If you’ve never been to Rome before, the traffic can appear crazy and red lights are merely a suggestion for drivers to slow down.  Many may be tempted to appreciate this view from across the Strada, but if that’s the case, they would be missing out. Look out for the locals, and cross with them. You can quickly tell who they are by the confident strides they make, clearly unperturbed by the mayhem that is Rome traffic.

Guarding the Flame

You can spot the flicker of a flame very quickly, and, regardless of the weather conditions or time of day, this flame burns eternal, with guards protecting it all year round.  This site is particularly beautiful to see in the evening and can be mesmerizing to watch as darkness draws in. If you have visited in the daytime, it is well worth a return visit as night falls.

Everybody’s Soldier

As attractions go, there is a continuous flow of foot traffic whether day or evening, but there is always space for visitors to stop and reflect what the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is and what it represents.  After the Great War, many fallen soldiers did not return home to their loved ones, and battlefields were littered with the bodies of those who fought. Eleven bodies were exhumed from these battlefields across Europe. The mother of a fallen soldier selected one of the unnamed soldiers whose body was brought to Rome and entombed. To this day, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier gives people a place to grieve and be at peace. This unknown soldier became a symbol of sons, brothers, and fathers of Italy that never returned home from the battlefields.
Setting aside 15 minutes of your trip to take in this memorable, and free, attraction is worth a detour in your day.  With no long lines to wait in or overcrowding to contend with this may be one of the highlights of your trip and a memory that will stay with you forever.