Colosseum under white clouds during daytime
Photo by David Libeert on Unsplash

Exploring Rome: Visiting the Colosseum

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Exploring the beautiful city of Rome is on many people’s bucket list, but deciding where to visit when planning a Roman holiday can be challenging for most. The Colosseum is an iconic attraction that many tourists flock to, and no visitor to Rome should leave without visiting this history-steeped site. From what to expect to tips on visiting the Colosseum, here you will find a handy guide to make your trip that little bit more memorable.

Location, Location, Location

Whether walking to the Colosseum or making use of Rome’s convenient metro system, many are taking aback by the sheer power of the building at first sight as it dominates the horizon. Mopeds and cars scoot past at a ferocious speed, and it is almost unbelievable to think that some people have this view on their morning commute to the office.  With the Roman Forum on the right and a scattering of bars and restaurants on the left, the Colosseum takes centre stage in this district of Rome.

Making an Entrance

Walking the cobbled stones at the front of the Colosseum, crowds gather. Ticket touts litter the entrance, street vendors sell their wares, and attractive Roman Gladiators vie for the tourists’ attention. It is worth a listen to what the ticket touts have to offer if tickets are not already purchased. Sometimes they can provide you with a skip the line deal and a free tour of the Colosseum. Just agree with the arrangement before you head inside. Street vendors make a convenient, and inexpensive, way to buy gifts for loved ones back home. Be prepared to haggle, but you can get some beautiful scarves for a euro or two. Beware of the gladiator. As attractive and photogenic these warriors appear to be, they are not paid employees of the Colosseum. If you take a photo with them, they will expect you to pay!

Welcome to the Arena

Once inside, prepare to let your imagination run wild as you learn about the great gladiators of their time. Find out how they became gladiators and what it took to earn their freedom. View the magnificent arena where crowds cheered for their heroes and booed their opponents. You can access the lower part of the stadium, where gladiators waited to fight to the death, but this access requires a separate ticket. These can be sold out months in advance so best to book long before you go.
The Colosseum is one of the most visited attractions in Rome, and no visit is complete without a trip to this world-famous landmark. Whether you are tight on time or have all the time in the world, the Colosseum should make your to-do list. It is well worth the visit.