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Exploring Rome: Visiting the Roman Forum

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When visiting Rome, many find planning their activities a struggle. With so much to do, it can be challenging to decide what you can fit in and what the must-see attractions are of this beautiful city.  No visit to Rome is complete without visiting the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, and here you will find a guide on what to expect of these historical sites and some handy tips to make the most out of your experience.

Location, Location, Location

Located directly opposite the famed Colosseum, you may be surprised that you have been walking past it without realizing it. From a distance, it looks like a gated off section of rubble, and it’s not until you are through the entrance you can appreciate what you are seeing. Be prepared for some uneven ground, and it might be worth rethinking this attraction if you have mobility concerns.

Getting the Most Out of Your Visit

It can be daunting to know where to start when arriving and get the most out of your experience; it is worth considering a tour guide. Many of them can be found at the entrance of this attraction or the exit of the Colosseum and offer free tours. All you need is your entrance ticket and to tip them when you part ways. A ticket to the Colosseum will grant you access to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill (and vice versa) and can ordinarily be used the same or the next day.

Appreciate the History

Considered the Beverly Hills of its day, let your tour guide take you on a fascinating journey through time. Hear how the Romans lived thousands of years ago. Learn about the old Roman gods that were worshipped long before Christianity made its appearance in Rome. Find out more about the vestal virgins that walked these cobbled paths. Listen to stories that make you realize that some things have never changed. Keeping up with the Jones’ was just as important back then as it is now: find out how the different classes lived.
Without a tour guide, many can mistake the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill for a large selection of brick and mortar. Get the most out of your visit and scout a guide out. You will find that the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is not to be missed. This attraction will provide you with a lifetime of memories from your time in Rome.