Isla Mujeres – Mexico’s Paradise Island in the Caribbean

Have you read the Ten Reasons to Visit Isla Mujeres, Mexico article on Huffington Post and thought I wonder what Isla Mujeres is really like?

Well then, this is the Isla Mujeres article for you.

I arrived at the Cancun bus station around 4pm.

I was eager to leave this place soon. From three years back, I remembered there being a little port in the infamous hotel zone, from which ferries leave to Isla Mujeres.

To make sure I was right, I asked a local… in broken Spanish.

He told me not to go to hotel zone port, but rather take a shuttle up to Puerto Juarez, from where local ferries leave every thirty minutes. I was still convinced that my idea was better and went down to the overcrowded hotel zone. An hour later, I was standing in front of closed gates at the port. Dammit. They stop running at 5pm.

Should have listened to the local guy, I though, and went all the way back up to Puerto Juarez. After wasting two hours in Cancun’s Christmas traffic, I finally got to the right port and snatched my ticket to go to the Isla.


I bummed a cigarette, stroke up a conversation with other travelers and waited…

Once the ferry left, I felt light and happy.

It seemed like all troublesome thoughts stayed in Cancun. The sea breeze was blowing in my face and a local guy played his guitar on the top deck of the ferry. I could not wait to go ashore, could not wait to get back to one of my favorite beaches.

The sun was already down.

I hopped off the ferry and walked through the busy downtown streets, taking in every moment. The mere abundance of local bars, coffee shops and great seafood restaurants absolutely amazes me every time.

I walked towards my hostel, Poc-Na, which is basically located on the beach with hammocks between palm trees, beautiful people and a beach bar which turns into the center of nightlife on the island after 11pm.

After sitting on buses the whole day, I was tired and went to bed early.


The next morning I woke up and went on a walk. I located a local coffee place with great breakfast. Now I was ready to hit the beach. Playa Norte is located at the North side of the island and offers crystal-clear water, white sand, spots in the shades (thanks to the palm trees) and you can walk into the water for almost a mile.

The perfect place to relax and play.

I stayed on the island for a whole week and I loved every day of it.

One day I rented a bike and cycled all around the island. On the far south end, there are some ancient Mayan ruins and dolphins swimming along the beautiful coastal line.

I love the nightlife on the island. There is always something to do. Bars stay open until late and travelers mix with the locals.

A great place to leave the stress of the world behind.

As I went on my last walk, I thought about staying there forever and working from home with my computer. Would not be the worst place to do that.

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