The Wonders of Kashmir

Kashmir is known to be the most beautiful place in India and is also known as mini Switzerland. If you are planning to see this heaven, then do not miss any of these places in Kashmir. There’re magical water streams, rivers, lakes, houseboats, tall deodar trees, snow-capped mountains, and lots of other things that can make your trip wonderful and memorable. Here are some of the best places you can visit in Kashmir:


Leh is one of the best “Kashmir tourist places”, particularly for the adventure-loving people. This place is known as the Land of adventure. Filled with scenic beauty, where your mind won’t work and freezes. Mountains are fully capped in the snow, incredible culture and heavenly place that can make you lost in yourself. You can take a ride of camels that can be found in the white desert located at Nubra Valley. This has the 2nd motorable road in the world; do take a tour on this bike.
Another beautiful place called Khardung La is located at an altitude of 5,359 m where you may run your bikes however it isn’t a road; it is a big challenge for you that needs to be on your top memories. Leh is one place that you must definitely visit when in Kashmir, and where you can take beautiful snaps and get the best photographic scene.


people riding boat on body of water near island
Photo by Amit Jain on Unsplash

Dal Lake in Srinagar

Srinagar Dal Lake is a place where you can see some amazing houseboats and you can ride on it. Suppose you wish to spend your whole night in a houseboat, then it is the right place to go in Kashmir. Indira Gandhi Memorial garden is one of the largest Tulip gardens in Asia and is located in Srinagar that is 29.6 acres. There’re approx. 20 lakh of flowers species and many different varieties of Tulips. The water skiing can be enjoyed at Nagin Lake that is very close to Dal Lake. Wular Lake is Asia’s biggest freshwater lake that will change colour on each kilometre that can make you mesmerizing.
snow covered mountain during daytime
Photo by AaDil on Unsplash


Gulmarg is a beautiful “tourist wonder of Kashmir” particularly, it is popular for the cable car. The gondola can give you a breath-taking view. Skiing at Gulmarg can give you adventurous memories. Khilanmarg is a beautiful place, mainly covered with various colourful flowers and appear like a vibrant carpet lying on the ground. Apharwat peak is 13 km from Gulmarg, and there is a lake that is frozen in winter, you will find ducks walking on this lake. Ningli Nalla is the mountain stream that is 10km away from Gulmarg, and where you will see pasture trees and snowcapped mountains, and can easily be viewed from each side.


Kupwara is another beautiful attraction and the best place in Kashmir that has the mountain peaks of Dajalonjun (16,000ft. from the ground level), Nastachun (10273 ft.) and Shamsbari (12,000 ft.). There you can see Shaloora Shrine, Hazrat Mahmood Shrine, Qamar Reshi Shrine, Lolab Valley, Malcha Badshah Shrine, Kheer Bhawani Asthapan, and many other places to visit.


Betaab Valley and Aru Valley, both are the most favourite places you can visit in Kashmir. The huge silver mountains, watery streams, green lush trees, it is well surrounded by the thick forest. The Betaab Valley has 2 caves called Kondana (33 km long) and Kalra Caves (16km long). The Kolahoi glacier is located above the Lidder River and is well known for its stunning views. It isn’t a simple task to reach the glacier, by trekking this is possible. Lidder River originates from this glacier that is 73km Long River. And Pahalgam is popular for the Amarnath yatra that is open from July to August. The Tullian Lake comes in between the Zanskar and Phir Panjar range that is frozen several times in a year. Suppose you love white water rafting and trekking, then this is one perfect place you can visit in Kashmir, particularly for these adventurous activities done in Pahalgamarea.


It is one amazing place to see in Kashmir, particularly known as a pearl for Kashmir. Wular Lake is Asia’s largest lake that is located in Baramullah. People who love birds watching can travel to Manasbal Lake. And some other picnic spots to enjoy in Baramullah are Mahalishamarg, Vijimarg, and Uri.